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Actor Ghana Ali is being criticised for her marriage to Umair Gulzar, but she knows how to handle the troll brigade.

“Always and forever,” Ghana wrote, sharing a photo with her husband. A number of followers congratulated the couple and wished them luck, but a few people took Ghana’s post as an opportunity to pass snide remarks about her husband.

“Congratulations,” a follower commented. “Is he expecting?”

“No, honey,” Ghana responded, adding, “your brain probably is!”

Photo: Instagram/Ghana Ali

Ghana tied the knot with Umair last month and has since been facing criticism.

Celebrities are often trolled for their personal choices. Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal received immense backlash after tying the knot in May 2020, with people commenting on Shahroz’s relationship with former wife Syra Yousuf.

Alizeh Shah is being called out a lot for her clothing choices lately. Many people are of the view that the 20-year-old has “lost her innocence” in pursuit of fame. Alizeh has clearly stated, however, that she doesn’t seek anyone’s approval.

This trolling is not just specific to relationships in the showbiz, but extends to the physical attributes of stars as well. Zhalay Sarhadi was lauded for snapping back at a troll who called her feet “big, mardana type”.

Hania Aamir and Syra Yousaf have faced harsh comments on their skin, following which they called for normalising acne, sharing their own struggles with skin problems.

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