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Mahira was comparing Sajal’s look with that of Saboor

Posted: Jun 7, 2021 | Last Updated: 18 mins ago

Photo Courtesy: sajalaly/Instagram

Actor Sajal Aly said that her sister Saboor would be happy to hear Mahira Khan’s comments on how the two siblings resemble one another.

The three actors engaged in a humorous banter when Sajal posted a picture of herself on Instagram with a verse of a song.

Ajeeb daastan hay yeh,” Sajal wrote in the caption.

The Humsafar star commented that Nadaaniyan star highly resembled her sister, before the adding that she looks pretty.

Photo Courtesy: sajalaly/Twitter
Photo Courtesy: sajalaly/Twitter

Sajal replied, “Saboor yeh sun kar behad khush hogi,” (Saboor would be very happy to her this).

Saboor joined the conversation by saying how beautiful her sister appeared in her photo.

Mira Sethi was on the same page as Mahira as she also agreed that the two sisters were looked-alike as well.

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