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Actor Hania Aamir has said that she wants to focus on cyberbullying and harassment through her complaint and doesn’t want it to be turned into an “ex vs ex” debate.

“I’m going to state the facts one last time,” Hania said. “It is important for me to clearly state that it is not an “ex vs ex” debate. It is about shedding light on a much larger issue.”

The actor remained a top trend on Twitter over the weekend after a video showing herself with filmmaker Wajahat Rauf’s son went viral. She was lying with Aashir Wajahat while singing along to Hasan Raheem’s Aarzu. After the video went viral, people started posting hateful comments for Hania, accusing her of exhibiting “indecency and vulgarity” for attention.

But at the same time Hania was trending for another video as well, a clip taken from her Instagram live, in which she expresses her shock after seeing a follower in an inappropriate act with Hania’s photo. She lamented that a man performing this “heinous” act before thousands of people online was made viral, and a video showing her having fun with her loved ones was hated and painted in a different light.

“My complaint is against a public figure thinking it’s funny that a woman is being targeted sexually,” Hania said, adding, “objectified and abused on the internet and openly sharing his sentiment on a public platform, for which he received immense support and adulation.”

Hania may have been subtly targeting singer Asim Azhar here for a tweet posted on Saturday. It had a GIF and read: “Bal bal bach gaya (had a narrow escape).”

Shortly after the tweet went viral, Asim’s fans and Hania’s supporters engaged in a war of words. Asim was criticised for not speaking up against cyberbullying by Hania’s followers and Asim’s defenders said that neither Hania nor her supporters came to the singer’s defence when he was trolled following their alleged split.

“I am never going to shy away from my mistakes or changing for the better,” Hania said. “So I feel I should also apologise, if I have in any way, hurt anyone.”

Hania lamented that she was still trending because of “whoever’s public remarks” that weren’t meant to target her.

“Please be prompt with your response and clear the air when the narrative is being blown out of proportion.”

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