Not a Muslim, still wouldn’t wear revealing clothes: Sunita Marshall | SAMAA

Model Sunita Marshall’s statement has gone viral on social media where she said why she would not wear revealing clothes even though she belongs to the showbiz industry.

In an interview, she said that she lives in an Islamic state, even though she is not a Muslim but she is very well aware of Pakistani culture. She does not like to wear inappropriate clothes which reveal her body.

In my modeling career, I would have refused, had I been told to anything revealing. I would never compromise on my principles, said Sunita. One has to take me as I am, she added.

She said that models these days, for the sake of popularity, would pretty much cross the line of decency. Girls should be confident within themselves and should focus on their talent. They should learn to say no if they are told to wear something they are not comfortable in. They are afraid that they would be taken off a project if they refuse to wear what they have been told to.

When asked about the casting couch, Sunita said, “Never in my career have I been asked to give any inappropriate favors to get work.”

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