Privacy Policy

Visitor’s Personal Information:

We respect our visitors on the website and our visitor’s privacy is important to us. does not provide our visitor’s information to a third party. We only use our visitor’s email to respond to their questions and queries. If any person shares his email address or other information for applying for any job at a company, we directly send that information to the company. Our visitor’s information cannot be shared with anyone.

Google AdSense & Cookies: uses Google AdSense to provide our visitors with accurate & relevant advertisements through our website. Google uses cookies to make these ads more effective to our visitors.

Data Security:

Our data is obtained from online resources and we prevent this date from any unauthorized access. We maintain data’s accuracy and ensure the correct use of information. We have put in place appropriate all procedures for the safety of data that we collect from online resources.

Our Privacy:

Our privacy policy is very important to us & we have protected our website from any unauthorized access by purchasing our own logos, content colors, themes & other things. The people are advised that no one has the right to use our owned things as these placed at our website. If someone found guilty in this regards, we have the right to take him/her before the courts. has the right to make any change in our privacy policy according to our needs.

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